Preliminary Design for corporate terraces at an existing office building in Germany



Recently we had the opportunity to develop a (re)design for some office terraces at an existing corporate building in Germany on behalf of a well-known real estate firm.

The terraces are part of the marketing suite, which can be seen as the showroom for the further development of the whole office building. In this case there are lots of pre-existing terraces, which have been discovered as the specific and unique component of the whole building. However they were only paved with concrete slabs and haven’t been used in the past.

Therefore the new design was asked to enhance the quality of the terraces and make them a green, pleasant and social space for the people working in the offices.

We approached this commission with the idea of “Corporate Landscapes”. Especially on the corporate level we discovered strong benefits and increasing added value from the design of exterior spaces.

Influenced by thoughts on how Landscape Architecture affects properties through the unique selling preposition of well and thoughtful designed exterior spaces, we collected various surplus values that emerged out of the synergies and built a design out of them.


Grafiken & Fotos:
© Atelier Reepel Landschaftsarchitektur

In this case we wanted to make the terraces a social and relaxing space, with various functionalities. A place where people can refuel their creative mind and power during workdays. Where they get a boost of connectivity and creative interactions through sociability in a less formal environment. Where they can spend their lunch breaks outside or work with a stunning view overlooking the city.

Through the careful placement of functionalities, meetings can be held outside on the main terrace which is located adjacent to the meeting room, while at the same time various employees can work on the other side of the terrace, aligned to overlook the skyline, while sitting on their laptops.

Our approach was to enhance the overall life quality in an urban working environment and make this building stand out in terms of a modern way of working in a dense urban surrounding.

We proposed warm materials like wood for the decking and the furniture. Furthermore we added a green colour to the concrete desert with a specific and overall realistic looking artificial lawn – without putting to much load on top. Moreover trees and grasses added some vital touch of nature above the skyline. For the spaces in between we used some elegant slate gravel. One of the highlights are the furnitures from “Extremis” which give the space some pleasant elements to sit, talk, work and relax outside.

. . .

These days, leading thinker and designer in the architecture space rediscover the high value of green, social, healthy spaces for the way we work and live in a dense urban fabric. Looking to Bjarke Ingels design for the new Google Campus in Mountain View or the Bosco Verticale” in Milano, we see the strong connection between landscape and architecture as an essential part of our modern, urban lifestyle.